2019 Tyke Age Group Coordinator - Katherine MacLeod

email tyke@sabrecatslax.com

Tyke is for players born between 2011-2012

2019 Player fees $340
Evaluations will be held at Oakridge Arena on the following dates:

Saturday, April 13 - 11am-1pm
Sunday, April 14 - 12pm-2pm

During the 2018 season, Tykes played on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings at a facility in the south. There is NO GUARANTEE that this will be the same for the 2019 season.

Kids will be divided into teams of approximately 15 players.
For 2018, the Sabrecats had 6 Tyke teams.

The Age Group Coordinator will attempt to accommodate reasonable friend requests where possible while still maintaining parity teams (teams being made equal with respect to ability level).
No GUARANTEES are made with respect to friend requests.

Kids should be dressed in their full Lacrosse gear. For complete details on the equipment required you can visit the Calgary District Lacrosse Association website.

Coaching Information

If you are interested in coaching please email the Director of Coaching at coaching@sabrecatslax.com

In order to be trained at this level, you must follow the CDLA coaching guidelines.

CDLA Coaching Clinics and Requirements

CDLA Coaching Email

(Note: all costs for the coaching courses are paid for by the Sabrecats. Simply cc coaching@sabrecatslax.com when you complete the below email).

Tyke Game Guidelines

The Tyke program follows the guidelines as set forth by the Canadian Lacrosse Association Long Term Athlete Development Plan (LTAD).

The format for Tyke will be:

  • Tyke sessions are 1 hour
  • Tyke Sessions are split into a 30 minute warm-up/skills and a 30 minute game
  • play full floor
  • play 5 on 5 (with goalie)
  • 3 x 3 nets
  • referees on floor to call penalties and explain violations; players who repeatedly commit rule violations will be sent off the floor
  • 3 minute shifts
  • Contact rule is Place and Push.
  • The fall back rule applies when the goaltender is in possession of the ball. All defensive players must enter the neutral zone where they must wait until the ball crosses the restraining line. The goalie must pass the ball to one of the offensive players who must be at least 9 feet from the crease.
  • After each goal and the end of each shift, play shall start with the goalkeeper of the team that was scored on or was in possession of the ball at the end of the shift and the defensive players shall fall back to their zone.

Please consult ALA Regulation 19.16 for full Tyke rules.

The purpose of the Mini Tyke and Tyke leagues is to introduce, emphasize, and develop the fundamental skills of lacrosse. The focus of practices as well as games is to promote an environment that encourages participation, skill development, and overall enjoyment of the game.

The CDLA has divided the Tyke leagues up into 3 areas:

  • Deep South - Okotoks / High River
  • South Calgary - Axemen and Sabrecats
  • North Calgary - Hornets, Knights and Rockyview

The reason for this is to allow for all games to be played close to home and reduce travel to and from games.

At the end of the season, a special “Tyke Festival” is held where all teams come together to play one another in a fun and festive atmosphere.

Throughout the season, in order to encourage the development of this environment, there will be no standings for Mini Tyke or Tyke. Please note that although standings are not kept, standard game results procedures must be followed (ie. sending in the game sheets).



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