About The Sabrecats

About Sabrecats Lacrosse


Each association within the Calgary area is governed by the Calgary District Lacrosse Association (CDLA). The CDLA has established geographic boundaries for each club. Each player must reside within the boundaries of the club they are playing for.

The boundaries for the Sabrecats is basically all SouthWest addresses, but more fully defined by:

North: Bow River/16th Avenue
West: Hwy 22(Cowboy Trail)
South: Hwy 22(Cowboy Trail)/Township Road 222/210 Avenue SE
East: Macleod Trail SE/1st street SE/Centre Street S

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A sport is a only a tool by which one can transmit the guidance to develop a strong moral code. The teaching must occur on a conscious level and not be assumed to be a fundamental part of the participation. Through sport one can transmit the values of fair and honest competition, and respect for rules and authority. One can also help participants (coaches/players/parents) to develop a guideline for social interaction that they will carry into all future aspects of their lives.


One of the greatest contributions of the First Nations in Canada is that of the game of lacrosse. Its origin lost in the antiquity of myth, lacrosse remains a notable contribution of the First Nation’s culture to modern Canadian society. Lacrosse was characterized by a deeply spiritual involvement, and those that took part did so with dedicated spirit and with the highest ideals of bringing glory to themselves and their tribes.

Originally, lacrosse, when played by First Nations, had a spirtual significance in their way of life. Lacrosse was a game to be played for their creator, for First Nations people to show their gratitude to the great spirit for living a full life, and one that allowed them to live in harmony with nature and at peace with themselves. Lacrosse was also played for honoured members within the Nation, and a game would be played to acknowledge the elders and medicine persons in their midst.

Today, lacrosse is evolving from a spiritual game to the existing sport played in every province in Canada. Lacrosse is one of a few sports in this country that can boast of originating from the land called CANADA.


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